old age homes in coimbatore

Dining and Dietary

The most important care for the seniors will be the food. The breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be prepared in well-equipped hygienic kitchen under the guidance and supervision of experts.

Weekly menus will be set in consultation with dieticians to ensure that a well-balanced, nutritious diet will be served.

The food will be served in the dining hall / rooms(on request).

old age homes in coimbatore


The housekeeping staff will have professional experience, trained, courteous in elderly care keeping.

The staff employed will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the living units as well as the common areas.

The housekeeping staff dust and sweep your living unit, make your bed and clean the toilet. They will be available 24x7 at the ring of a bell to assist in caring for the elderly with focus on their personal requirements, such as lifting a heavy box or hanging up your favorite painting.

Retirement homes in coimbatore

Medical support

  • Akshatha Parental Care will provide periodic medical support
  • Handle emergency situations
  • Akshatha Parental Care medical support team will stock basic medicines to administer first aid
  • Medical doctor will be provided on call basis
  • Emergency vehicles will be available on 24x7 basis to handle emergency conditions
  • Periodic medical check-ups will be arranged as per request

Retirement homes in coimbatore


Akshatha Parental Care will provide safety and security to all seniors. Akshatha Parental Care will be safe and secured and guarantee peace of mind throughout the day and night.

Akshatha Parental Care will be equipped with very high-level of manned security with a single point of manned entry/exit gate, constantly monitored.

In addition, electronic surveillance by CCTVs, will be provided 24x7. The electronic surveillance installed in common areas to ensure detection of any mishap as soon as it happens.

Emergency ‘Call-Point’ will be installed in each living area and in the toilets of all units.

Retirement homes in coimbatore

Laundry (on request)

Laundry services will be provided from outsourcing on request.